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Long Term Excel Projects

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about us

HC&TS is a one-man enterprise initially founded in 1989 and reinstated in April 2014 when I retired. I studied Geology and worked for the United Nations Development Programme as a Prospection Field Geologist for almost 10 years in different African countries. These projects ended when it became clear that computer imaging analysis took over the work of systematic sample collecting and mapping in the field.

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VBA Expertise

VBA solutions based upon the developer’s own practical experience, approach solutions from the user’s point of view and not only a theoretical solution. With the exception of specific user defined functions the code written and used for the VBA projects will be made available so the client may implement it in his / her own applications.

Basic Training

HCandTS can also help with providing basic training to give more insight in the workings of VBA routines, write macros, aid with modifying existing macros, etc.

Long term Excel Projects

Support and maintenance on the delivered applications as well as regular updates

Project Documentation

Assist with writing project documentation, user manuals.

We enhance productivity

Implementing fresh solutions to automate everyday tasks.

facts about us

HCandTS is skilled in providing the best services.

VBA Expertise

Project Mng

Excel Training

Cups of Coffee

HC&TS core values

VBA Design

Fully customisable designs

Free Updates & Support

HC&TS provides support for all services rendered.

Custom Forms

Easy data entry methods specific to your needs.

High Quality

We guarantee our work.

100% Translatable

We provide translation services.

Fully Customizable

Tell us your needs, we will provide the solution.

Ultra Responsive

We ensure our applications are fast.

Project Management

We ensure we meet your deadlines.


We provide training and documentation for all developments.

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